Mum killed by ‘runaway car’ while waiting to pick up kids from school

Young mum-of-two Rita Magni, 30, tragically died at a bus stop near Phillimore Community School in Sheffield when a vehicle involved in a collision left the road and smashed into her

A young mum on the school run was tragically killed when a car left the road and smashed into her.

Rita Alexandra Bento Magni, 30, was killed when a two-car collision launched one of the vehicles at the bus stop where she waited for her two kids.

Rita was waiting to pick up her two children near Phillimore Community School in Sheffield when the tragedy happened yesterday just before 3pm.

Two men, both aged 21, have been arrested in connection with the collision.

Since Rita’s death, her heartbroken family have been laying flowers and tributes at the scene.

Rita’s brother-in-law Muhammad Amir said: “She was an excellent person. She was a caring mother and wife.

He told The Star : “She was polite, kind and always smiling. She was very good to everyone.

“She had good relations with her neighbours and the teachers, and they knew her because she was always smiling.

“We’re heartbroken. We are in shock. It feels like a dream. We cannot believe what has happened.”

Witnesses recalled hearing a “loud bang” as the car ploughed in to the mum-of-two

Phillimore Community Primary School headteacher Gillian Briggs said: “At the end of the school day yesterday a tragic incident occurred outside the school.

“We are aware that the police are investigating and we are unable to give more information at this time.

“The school thanks the staff, parents and members of the community who responded so quickly and tried to help until the emergency services arrived.

“Our thoughts are with all those closely affected by this devastating news. In the coming days we will attempt to come to terms with this news as a school and community.

“There will be support available for children, families and staff, as needed. As always, we know the Phillimore Primary School community will support each other through difficult times.”

An investigation has been launched and South Yorkshire Police are appealing for witnesses.

Police said: “It is reported that the collision took place at about 2.53pm at the junction of Chapelwood Road and Phillimore Road.

“As a result of the collision, one of the vehicles left the road and made contact with a pedestrian, a woman in her 30s, at a bus stop.

“Emergency services attended but despite the best efforts of paramedics, the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.”